Procedure and guidelines

Please read these carefully before submitting your students’ work.

General guidelines

  • The language for the competition is Russian.
  • Only 5 entries per school – teachers may choose to run internal competitions to select the best entries;
  • The candidates can choose ONE topic per level from the 2 suggested main themes (see below);
  • All essays should be submitted in digital format. We are no longer able to accept hard copies. The essays may be hand-written in blue or black ink (pencil is not acceptable) or typed and saved as a PDF file.  Tablet/phone photographs of hand-written entries and posters are also accepted (and preferred).
  • Each entry file should be named as follows: CandidateName_school_Level_topic
  • Each entry should contain the following info in the upper left-hand corner of the first page:
  1. The Name of the Participant and age.
  2. Name of the School
  3. Level.

! Please note, that the entries missing this information will not be considered.

  • Contestants are allowed to refer to printed and internet resources for research purpose only.
  • Teachers’ involvement should be minimal. Teachers could: 1) discuss the essay topics; 2) help their students to write a bullet point outline of their essay in Russian. Please do not hesitate to contact the organisers if you need to clarify any concerns with teacher’s role in essay preparation.
  • Points will be taken off if judges are not convinced that the work has been entirely written by the candidate.
  • Candidates should not exceed the word limit by more than 10%.
  • Teachers must attach the entry forms (see below), one entry form per student, in the same e-mail.
  • Each entrant will have to pay £5.00 to enter the competition; The Russian Teachers' Group Committee will use the secured sum to issue cash prizes for winners.

Sending entries and entry fee

The entries should be submitted electronically to via SUBMIT BUTTON HERE 

For each candidate, teachers should include:

  1. a filled out form which will appear in the body of the email once you click on submit button
  2. the ESSAY ENTRY itself (a PDF file or a JPEG/PDF file)

! The entry and the appropriate entry form should be separate documents in the same e-mail.

  1. The entry fee of £5 per candidate should be sent via the RTG Paypal account (TBC in the nearest future)


The deadline for submitting the essays and entry forms is 27 March 2018.

 Judges will review the essays in March and April and winners will be announced in late April early May 2018.

Criteria for Judging the Essays

Essays will be reviewed by the panel of judges. The work must be entirely the student’s own. Prizes will not go to students if the judges are not convinced by the authenticity of student’s work.

What our judges are looking for, above all, is originality of thought and clarity of expression. More specifically, their judgement will be based on:

  • content (the ability to express original and creative ideas in Russian and communicate information about the Competition topic within the suggested word limit);
  • Accuracy in language and presentation (grammatical and orthographic accuracy, range of vocabulary, syntax structure and organisation of the text);

The decision of the judges is final.

Please note that the Essay Competition is run by the Russian Teachers’ Group - a voluntary and a non-profit organisation which promotes Russian Language learning in the UK. We would be grateful if you could bear this in mind when contacting us.

If you have any queries please contact